Handmade Sustainable Minimalist Jewellery

Moore Jewellery is handmade sterling silver jewellery, designed and crafted by me, E-J Moore. Located in the rural countryside of East Sussex, I use traditional silversmithing methods and techniques to create designs that are minimalist and textured with a circular style.


My Story

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to make jewellery. I spent my early childhood being in awe of my Grandmother, fascinated by her silversmithing skills as she made her beautiful jewellery with such passion. We would spend hours together exploring the wonders of her trinket boxes of the most exquisite rings and jewellery pieces. It was during those formative moments that I just knew that one day I too would design and craft jewellery.


EJ Portrait


After a 12 year career in the production side of TV commercials, and the joy of raising two children and trying to find work that fitted around their needs, it was my husband who encouraged me to chase my lifelong dream of designing and creating jewellery. With grit and determination (and incredible support and belief from loved ones around me) I took a leap of faith. I acquired the essential tools, delved into courses and books and relentlessly practiced, honing my skills until I felt ready to share my creations. In November 2022 I launched Moore Jewellery and I haven’t looked back.


The name Moore Jewellery is more than just the title. It is a tribute to my family, my husband, and our two children, who have been instrumental in my jewellery-making journey. It is also a play on words, as we all love more jewellery and in a world of doubt and scarcity, I wanted to add abundance with ‘more’ and sustainability by using recycled silver. I wanted the world to know that in a time of eco consciousness, there need not be any waste with our precious metals or old heirlooms, as these can always be transformed into more jewellery.


Studio Image


When selling my jewellery, I love discovering the stories behind someone’s purchase and what makes a piece of jewellery special to them; whether it’s a meaningful milestone, a birthday, a declaration of love or friendship, a symbol of unity, a treat to oneself, or a source of comfort during challenging times.


Jewellery has a unique power to evoke emotions and create lasting memories. I love that it can also be passed down, outliving us all, and continuing its story and significance in the next stage of its evolvement.


It fills my heart with such warmth and gratitude to hear and see how thrilled someone is with a piece of my handmade jewellery. I am so delighted with all the returning customers wishing to add to their collection. It is this that drives my passion, to create and bring a little more sparkle and shimmer into people’s lives, one piece at a time.